Day 4: Schaffhausen, Switzerland to Basel, Switzerland (100 km)

At this point, we've pretty much acknowledged that Switzerland is the following:

  • Insanely beautiful
  • Very good with bike signs (Germany, take note. White lettering against a red background is easier to read than green lettering against a white background)

The last bullet point was very much in the forefront of our minds whilst starting off Day 4. This was also the day that we realized we weren't eating enough food to counteract the amount of calories we were burning off during 6-7 hour long days of cycling. That fact was rapidly deduced when Jess absolutely lost it on a climb up a cobbled hill and refused to go any further until a cheeseburger was presented in front of her. Unfortunately, Neil is not a magician. 

We got there in the end. 

Lessons learned: Eat more. Cycling gives you that right. This is why it's so great.