Day 8: Baden-Baden, Germany to Mannheim, Germany (107.3 km)

What's a ride without a visit to the local factory? A breathtaking industrial view?

Ride to Mannheim, kids. You'll see all that along the way and more, before arriving in a city where the center is laid out in the most beautiful grid (Jess gets the horn at any mention of right angles). It's so systematic that the town slogan is "Leben. Im Quadrat.

Jess also raced a cyclist on a time trial bike for fun. Stayed beside him for awhile, laughing in his face whilst keeping pace on a loaded tourer. That's how crazy she is.

We stayed with a couple college students who were generous enough to lend a spare room to us. Two things we remember most from that experience. One, the plethora of wooden cock bottle openers that were strewn around the flat. The second is this clock. Nergasm.