Well, hot damn. It's been a while since we posted on here. With good reason - at the successful conclusion of our Northern Ireland tour back in September 2016, we rashly committed ourselves to getting married, so we've been quite busy making that happen. Happily, we made it to the aisle in one piece, give or take, and in August 2017, we were joined in holy matrimony by the best Fake Priest, supported by the Hand of the Bride and the Second Best Man (long story).


Once all that hoopla was over, and after Neil had whisked Jess away to an isolated village in Greece for four days so that she could recover from the mass hysteria, we sat down in earnest to think about what we wanted to do for our real honeymoon. The conversation lasted about five seconds.

"Tandem tour through South Korea?"
"You're on."

So that's what we're going to do. Thanks to the generous donations by our family and friends in lieu of a wedding list, we are now able to pack up shop and spend 4.5 weeks in May and June enjoying beautiful Korea. The rough idea is to follow the Four Rivers Bike Trail starting in Incheon, cycle all the way down to Busan, and then meander along the south and west coasts, all the way back to Seoul. But really, anything can happen. Those of you who have been following our crazy journeys so far know that things rarely go according to plan. And in some weird masochistic way, that's how we like it.

Subsequent posts will detail our route, kit and supplies, and of course, all the laughter and tears that come with two Lycra-clad eejits lugging a 250kg tandem up hill and down dale, powered by love, kimchi and terrible puns. The Lost Seouls tour is coming soon.

Jongno-gu, Seoul, taken by  Brady Bellini  on  Unsplash .

Jongno-gu, Seoul, taken by Brady Bellini on Unsplash.